Welcome to the first episode of the WSI Digital Insider Podcast series.

Earlier this month, we previewed the podcast to give you an idea of the topics we’ll discuss and why you should tune in. We’re excited to have you on board for our inaugural episode. During this very special edition, we’ll cover the importance of defining your digital marketing strategy and highlight the potential decisions you’ll have to make along the way. Our expert during this show is Dan Monaghan, Co-founder of WSI.


Dan is a sought-after speaker on topics such as digital marketing and business strategy, and has the unique ability to foresee emerging trends and capitalize on them, so he’s the perfect choice to kick off WSI’s Digital Insider Podcast Series.


Make sure you have your pen and notepad out because there’s some exceptional information packed into these 20 minutes. Enjoy (and subscribe on iTunes, Vimeo and/or YouTube if we pique your interest)!



Here are some of the questions we asked Dan and a brief outline of his answers:

What would you recommend to a business that is overwhelmed and at a loss about where to focus their marketing efforts?

Talk about a tough one to start things off! Or so we thought, but this was no problem for Dan. As much as things have evolved, the goals of any digital marketing strategy are still the same. It’s all about developing a solid Internet presence, driving traffic to your site, and converting customers into users or clients. There are many tactics we can use to accomplish these things, like SEO, PPC, email and mobile marketing. At the end of the day, businesses should ultimately focus on growing their brand with the most effective and efficient strategy they can build.

What’s your stance on some of the common digital marketing myths like “SEO is a waste of time!”?

Ah, the old “SEO is dead!” discussion. WSI has been talking about the SEO issue for a while now, and though traditional SEO techniques are losing their luster, AdaptiveSEO™ is alive and well. WSI’s SEO approach is aligned with the changes of Google’s algorithm and is therefore positioned to help your business in the search marketing arena for years to come. With a huge focus on creating, publishing and amplifying quality content, AdaptiveSEO™ can have a transformational impact on the amount of traffic your site receives.

You have the ability to foresee business trends, so what do you think will be the “next big thing” in digital for businesses?

Speaking about 2015, you’ve probably heard that mobile is the next big thing, which is true. There are also some interesting things going on at Facebook, so keep a watchful eye on what they’re doing, especially as it relates to your business and industry.

In taking the longer view with regard to the development of the Internet of Things, or IoT, Dan brings up Minority Report and has some interesting thoughts (including one that we are living in that world right now). This is a great way to simplify the reality of where the world is going and help prepare for it. That thing you have in your pocket that you call a smartphone? Well, it’s not a phone – it’s a digital tracking device with phone functionality. Think about it, the vast majority of your actions on a “smartphone” have nothing to do with making a call. And what do you think Google, Facebook and all those other apps are doing with your data? Being aware of the digital horizon – even if it’s way off in the distance – is one of the best things a business can do for its future.

And that does it for our first digital marketing podcast. If you have any feedback, let us know onTwitter or Facebook, and don’t forget to subscribe to the WSI Digital Insider Series on iTunes.

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